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Finally discovered magnolia stamps!

Have recently got my first 3 magnolia Tilda stamps! Omg they are seriously cute! Can’t wait for the energy and time to stamp and colour them, they’re just begging for pinks and greens. Have a major wish list now too 🙂

wrapped heart

teddy bear love

Tilda with peony tail

Will post the finished images!



New colourings!

Finally got a chance to do some colouring, got two finished.


I am getting better, just shows that practice is helping!

So over people, over little girls being insolent and disrespectful. Just want to hide in bed and colour and stamp.

How can a father choose to leave his girlfriend and month old son? Even worse, he’s told her if she doesn’t go home with us tomorrow he’s leaving her. And he says he isn’t cheating! Bullshit! He knew that Emily was hard work before he slept with her. He chose to have a baby with her and now it’s too hard. Fucking pathetic.


I am away with my partner visiting her daughter and 4 week old grandson and as cute as he is I am MISSING colouring!
I have decided to repaint my craft room, purple just isn’t doing it anymore.

Hopefully this mango with a yellow trim will be super creative conductive!

I did bring a bunch of preprinted digi stamps with me to show Emily (Julie’s daughter) how to colour with baby oil. During her pregnancy she found colouring books to be a good way to cut back her stress levels so she might like this.